Other Attributes
Lead Free (Immersion Silver / OSP / Immersion Gold / Electrolytic Gold / Lead Free HAL) PCB & Halogan Free PCB

Since the early 90's of the 20 century, Matsuki-YPM has started study Lead Free PCB fabrication.
We made the first Lead-free board in electrolytic gold process.

In 1999 ,Matsuki-YPM succedded in setting up an OSP ( Entek ) and Immersion Gold line.

In 2004, both immersion silver and Lead-free HAL passed the qualification.

Product of Halogan Free PCB started in 2002.

In 2012, FPC factory was erected and it is fully Lead-free compliance.

In 2014, ENEPIG prototyping starts.

We are fully Rohs Compliance Since 2002.

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